Covid-19 Important Information

Greetings to all our guests, near and far! A new chapter has already started in our way of living and travelling. A new reality that we are all shaping together, every moment, step by step. Everyone needs to act prudently after covid-19 pandemic and this is what we are also committed to do.

We have always cared for our guests and worked hard to offer them high quality services and now, as safety comes first we have also developed a specific operational protocol in order to contribute as much as possible to our guests' and the community's well being. We would like to inform you in detail about our actions which are based on our National Public Health Organization guidelines. and Ministry of Tourism.

Firstly we want to highlight some facts about our property.

  • It consists of two (2) separate Suites , each of them having its own private entrance. The distance between each entrance is over 3 meters (9 ft).
  • There are no common areas , no front or back offices and physical distance is naturally achieved.
  • The property is ground floor so there are no elevators or steps to access the entrances of each suite.
  • Each Suite has a private outdoor hydro-massage tub which runs on fresh clean water.
  • The Suites were designed minimalist and that has always helped us to keep them extremely clean as they are far from crowded.
  • The location of our property which is in Fira centre is ideal as many of the island's points of interest are within a short walking distance outdoors.
  • The property is family run and we are dedicated to serve and protect our guests as much as we do for our kids, parents, family and friends. We are all together in this, together we move forward.

    The measures we are taking

    Check In/ Check Out
  • Outdoor check in is  provided , individual and fast following the protocols for physical distance and the use of maks.
  • Online concierge service  is available and they can reach us 24 hours via call and messaging apps, phone calls, emails. 
  • New check in time is set to be at 15.00 and new check out time at 11.00 in order to add extra cleaning and airing time.
  • The key is delivered sanitized.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided before entering the room.
  • Suitcases will be sprayed for sanitation.

  • We have introduced extra resources and extremely strict procedures for thorough cleaning and sanitizing of our suites.
  • We use effective cleaning products proved to work against viruses.
  • We use steam cleaning (temperature >70c) for the surfaces that cannot be frequently washed (couch)
  • All surfaces, including door handles, light switches, remote controls, safe boxes and hairdryers are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Our housekeeper uses one pair of single use rubber gloves and one set of cleaning cloths per suite.
  • Linens and towels are washed with the addition of disinfectants in a temperature of 90c
  • Our air condition has been checked , filters are replaced and will be monitored and well maintained in order to prevent possible virus spread. 

  • Each Suite will provide hand sanitizer and face masks. 

  • The doors and windows of the suites will remain frequently open in order to air out the suites as much as possible in between our guests stays and during cleaning procedure.

  • We will keep following the recommendations, and instructions being issued by the health authorities in our country and are updating our procedures accordingly.
  • In case a situation arises, in which a guest or one of us (family member or housekeeper) is suspected of being infected with the new corona virus we will follow the instructions issued by the health authorities.
  • We also have a doctor on call to provide liable advice, evaluation and guidance in such a scenario. The doctor is specifically trained in swab test for covid-19. 

    Personal measures we are already following in our everyday lives:
  • We abstain from shaking hands, and avoid situations in which we could be exposed to people sneezing, coughing or similar.
  • We have increased the use of antibacterial spray and hand sanitizer.
  • We encourage our housekeeper and guests to be extra diligent with hand hygiene

We are follow continuous training on health protocols and sanitation for our team members.

Now it is the time to realize that there is only one humanity. This realization
will arise a sense of responsibility, unity, respect, caring and protection of one another. We will do our best to offer you memorable holidays!

Please reach out to us with any question or special request you may have regarding the health and safety issues.